Alberta Ferretti Comes to Macy’s!

Have you shopped any of the designer capsule collections at Target, H&M or Macy’s yet? Surely you heard about the buzz surrounding the Jason Wu for Target collection earlier this year. While people didn’t lose their minds over the Wu collection as they did for the Missoni collection late last year, which crashed Target’s website for some time, it still created quite a stir.

Well get ready gals, another amazing designer has created a capsule collection for Macy’s! Alberta Ferretti, best known for her fluid, ethereal red carpet creations, is bringing her signature style to Macy’s Impulse series, the sixth designer to partner with the department store.

The collection includes lacy tops, bright, summer dresses, delicate floral patterns, a few white staples and some dramatic longer dresses. Everything in the collection is reasonably priced between $49 and $119, and will be sold at 185 Macy’s locations across the country starting April 17th.

You can view the entire collection here:

What do you think… will you be hitting your local Macy’s to check it out? Sound off in the comments!



Friday Favorite…the Sock Bun

Happy Friday, everyone! Today the topic is my go-to Friday hairstyle, the sock bun! For those of you on Pinterest, perhaps you’ve seen the sock bun featured here and there, as well as in a few tutorials out there. I’ve included a link to a great YouTube tutorial below. So, the sock bun is pretty simple…but it might take a few tries to get it right the first time, so don’t get discouraged!

Materials Needed:
– 1 tube sock or boot sock (preferably one that is close to your hair color)
– Bobby pins
– Styling crème (if your hair requires it)

How to Create a Sock Bun:
Step 1:  Cut the foot area off the sock. Go ahead and toss the footie, you won’t need it.
Step 2:  Roll the sock outward, until it resembles a donut.
Step 3:  Place your hair in a ponytail at the place you want the sock bun to rest. If you want more volume, here is when you can use a rat-tail comb to lift sections up on the top of your head.  (here is also where you can use styling cream to help create a smooth look prior to putting your hair in a pony tail.)
Step 4:  Place your ponytail through the middle of your sock-donut. Wrap ends under the sock and roll the edges of your hair under until you reach your head.
Step 5:  Make sure to spread the hair around the sock so it’s covered completely.
Step 6:  Secure with bobby pins.
Step 7:  Look fabulous!

Don’t worry about loose ends, you can either leave them loose for a more ‘undone’ look, or secure them around the sock bun with bobby pins. The sock bun is the perfect solution to creating a fast, full, great-looking bun, no matter what your hair type. I’ve even used this technique with wet hair if I need to get out of the house in a really big hurry.

As you can see, I wore my sock bun pretty high on my head today. And I also use a little bit of dry shampoo on my hair before creating my sock bun…all depends on your hair type.

Wendy from Wendy’s Look Book has one of the best tutorials for you visual learners!

Good luck, ladies! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or if you’ve given the sock bun a try and how it’s worked for you!


Welcome to Cosmos + Cardigans!

For my inaugural post I’m writing about my naming inspiration for this blog…Cosmos and Cardigans! I love a good Cosmopolitan. Of course we all know where the love of this luscious libation comes from – Sex and the City and Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself. As a fan of this series from the very beginning, I was always able to see a little bit of myself in Carrie, namely her obsession with all things fashion, clothes and of course those Manolos!

As for the best cosmo I’ve ever had…that’s got to be at The French Laundry in Fenton, Michigan. (Really, you might ask…not some exotic locale?) Nope, right here in good old Michigan. Jon the bartender over at the Laundry makes the meanest cosmo on the planet, and that’s because it doesn’t involve typical ingredients. He uses fruit for flavor, mostly lime juice, which gives it a bit of a sweet yet sour taste – and it is delish!

And now on to Cardigans… As you can see from the picture, I’ve got quite the collection. As far as style goes, it’s a classic – I don’t think the cardi will ever go out of style…at least I hope not, or I’m up the creek (or crick, for my Western PA peeps). You can wear them a variety of ways: buttoned with a belt over top for a very modern and sophisticated look; unbuttoned with a cami or cute top underneath for a layered look; or even over a dress to create an added punch of color.

The best cardi on the market has to be the (oh so aptly named) Jackie Cardigan from J. Crew. This perfect little number comes in a rainbow of colors, washes like a dream (although I recommend Dryel – get a coupon here), and is priced at $62 retail. But the savvy fashionista always waits until it goes on sale, and then waits for there to be an extra 30% off the sale price! I recently snagged the most beautiful shade of purple for about $20 bucks.

And don’t forget about the J. Crew Factory Store – they also sell the Jackie Cardigan! The factory version usually doesn’t feature the pearlized buttons, but also comes in a nice variety of colors based on the current season, and is priced at $49.50. But these regularly go 40% off the factory price, so waiting for a sale is worth it.

I hope you liked my first post…there’s lots more fun to come! Let me know what you think in the comments, or email me at